My structures draw on the arrangements and materiality of decaying architecture and through their material qualities, contrasting of geometric and organic shapes, to explore sculptural form. The production of the sculptures incorporates a range of processes and materials from CAD modelling, 3D printing and a range of traditional and non-traditional materials. 

A predominant theme within my practice is place, my structures are contextualised by being returned back to these derelict spaces to evaluate how they conform to the spaces, or don’t conform; how they evolve and decay in the same way as the buildings they were inspired by. 

Gravity is also explored in a selection of my recent structures. Stability is paramount in these perishing buildings. Therefore, by making unstable, delicate forms from hard and solid materials, this volatility is triggered. 

When presented together, my constructions create an environment for viewers to immerse themselves in, to become involved in the process of decay and how new forms are produced from this, enabling them to find beauty in disregarded urban spaces.